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New 2016 DT1 technology Full colour crystal clear graphics Rumble force feedback Super-fast processors for HD Instant scoring & hit feedback New 2016 DT1 technology Simplified referee controls Save your top 5 game types Wireless software updates Automatic self test New 2016 DT1 technology New colour graphic zombie modes Realistic weapon simulations New near-miss technology Visual hit feedback New 2016 DT1 technology Full colour crystal clear graphics Rumble force feedback Super-fast processors for HD Instant scoring & hit feedback New 2016 DT1 technology Simplified referee controls Save your top 5 game types Wireless software updates Automatic self test New 2016 DT1 technology New colour graphic zombie modes Realistic weapon simulations New near-miss technology Visual hit feedback

The History of ECombat



ECombat History

ECombat is a strategic global alliance founded by former ECombat and DDTR Laser Tag. It has bases in both Europe and Australia and distribution points throughout the world. Built on a foundation of over 13 years of manufacturing and marketing the world’s best laser tag equipment.

The ECombat alliance have therefore supplied over 400 venues worldwide in 31 countries with the highest quality of combat game equipment from FEC “Bolt On” activities through to stand alone Laser Tag adventure centres. Our customers include:

Large multi-disciplinary Corporations
● Theme Parks
● UK Ministry of Defence
● National Entertainment/Leisure Facilities
Small and Medium Enterprises
● Activity Centres
● Paintball Businesses
● Youth Groups
Sole Traders and Partnerships
● Farm Diversification
● Lifestyle Business
● Husband and Wife Combinations

DDTR Laser Tag Production Facility DDTR Scorpion Production Line

ECombat have invested in the supply chain to reduce lead times and improve the quality of the products that we supply. Our global marketing base is in the United Kingdom partnered with the manufacturing base; DDTR Laser Tag located in Cairns, Australia. There are also a number of service centres across the globe all of which are geared up to keeping ECombat laser tag businesses in profitable operation and offer specific local knowledge and experience.

We have a simple working formula which has helped develop the market leading laser tag weapon designs, engaging combat game business practices and industry specific knowledge that will put your new laser tag business ahead of the competition.
The company has been supported by European funding through Leader 4, UK Trade and Investment export schemes and Business West Coaching for High Growth.

Our Customers

Neusol SL
Battlezone Playlive
Battlefun Pennant Hills
Battlefun Appin
Battlefun Turramurra
Central West Laser Skimish
Wide Bay Laser Skirmish
Darling Downs Laser Skirmish
Laser Skirmish CQ
Laser Skirmish Brisbane
Laser Skirmish Petrie
Laser Battles
Laser Skirmish Windsor
Paintball Park
Locked and Loaded Kuitpo Forest
Locked and Loaded Laser Games
Two Worlds Collide Adelaide
Tas Laser Skirmish Tamar Valley
Challenge Paintball & Laser Skirmish
Laser Strike
Combat Zone
Ultimate Battlefield Myrniong
Guns up Laser Skirmish
Challenge Laser Skirmish Victoria
Laser Corps Bibra Lake
Laserscape Albany
Castle Invasion
Battle Zone Laser Combat
Laser Corps Swan Valley
Laser Corps Kalamunda
Southern Skirmish Laser Tag
1st Strike Laser Skirmish
ABC Fun Rides
Adrenalin Paintball Mackay
Delta Force Paintball
AFL Cape York
Laser Tag Cairns
Play It LIVE
Battlefield LIVE De Kegel
The Outsider - Vlaamse Ardennen
Diensthoofd Sporta Beachclub
Stafort bvba
Sport Eveil
The Outsider Coast
Lasergame Sport Aventure
The Outsider - Ardennes
Battlefield LIVE Calgary
Red Surge Tactical Sports
Battlefield LIVE Okanagan
BattlefieldLIVE Nova Scotia
Battlefield LIVE Ottawa
Merrill Dunes
Battlefield LIVE Santiago
Grupo Esparta
Cantabria Impex
Battlefield Live Cyprus
Czech Republic
Sutrs s.r.o.
Outdoor Aliance
AAA Auto
Fun And Action
Shoot To Thrill
Paintball Deluxe
Arms Gallery / Hunters House A/S
Dominican Republic
Centralion Dominicna
Lasergame Estonia OY
Battlefield LIVE Finland
Tonox Party Sports
Roisel Adventure
Aventure Paintball Park Toulouse SARL
Sud Paintball
Battlefield Sports France
Arbre & Aventure
Aventure Paintball Forest Land
Team Training
TG Karting
ID2 Loisirs
Optimum Paintball
Louisan Base
Parc Aventure Land
Sherwood Parc
Touquet Laser Averyon
Laser Tyroliane SARL
Indian Forest Chartreuse
Paintball Evasion
Laser Wood
Laser Albertville
Opale Laser
SAS Halcyon Retreat
Megazone Lyon
Aventure Aventure
Fun Quad - Toofun
Aventure Aventure La Boite de Pan
Karting De Royan
Hobby One Evenements
Fashion Paint-Ball
Terranima - Laser Game
Nat & A
Sports et Loisirs
Expert Animation
Sebourg Laser
Laser Fonetteville
Mermillod Combat
Branche Evasion
Lasertec Berlin
Lasertec Genthin
Battlefield LIVE Helios
Runway 9 Laser Combat
Killary Adventure
Midlands Battlefield Live
Holiday Park Adventure Island
Eile Mental Teo.
Toddsleap Paintball Ltd
Gilboa Riders
Green Team
Special Force
Battlefield Live Malaysia

Gotcha Outdoor Laser Games
Laser Skirmish Geithoorn
Survivalteam Ede
't Klokúus
Stichting N-Joy
Pierik Beheer BV
B.A.R.T. Combat Games
Kano & Outdoor Centrum
Battlefield Live Nederland BV


Battlefield Sports Norway
Troll Aktiv
Battlefield LIVE Inderoey

Mission Possible
Pole Walki
Kompania Meblowa sp. Zo.o
IGHT s.c.
W5 Arena
Laserowy Paintball
Zona 71
F1 Karting
Koncept Torun
Kacper Kombat
Laser Adventures
Combate Laser
Campo Aberto
Toyland Park LDA
Laser Combat Timisoara
Combat Skirmish
South Africa
Battlefield LIVE Rustenberg
South Korea
Battlefield Inje
Battlefield LIVE Costa Brava S.L.
Shootballs Madrid
Activ Natura Outdoor SL
No Name Sport SL
Cordal Animación
Leurtza Abentura SL
Inkomunikados SL
Divernodia SL
Battlefield Málaga
Bosc Vertical
Xtreme Xperience SL
Battlefield Laser Combat
Battlefield Valladolid
Alto Rey Turismo Activo
Battlefield LIVE Barcelona
Almansa Combat
Laser LOL
Carlos Duty SL
Atenobus SLU
Wilcon Combat Games SL
Okititane Combat Zone BCN
ICE GoKart & Event AB
Lasergame Sweden
Jungle Squad
Oyuna Hazır Mısın?
United Kingdom

ECombat at Holme Pierrepont Country Park
ECombat at The Big Sheep
The Wargame Company
Battlefield LIVE Sussex
Battlefield Sports N.I.
Urban Battlefield LIVE
Herts Battlefront Games Ltd
Frontline Activities
Laser Mission
Battlesports Glos.
Top Gun Paintball
Combat Laser Ops
Virtual Warfare
NRG Leisure Ltd T/A Zap Combat
Battlefield Sports N.W.
Cenarth Adventure Centre
Battlefield LIVE Heroes
Skirmish Central
Pickaquoy Centre
Battlefield LIVE Kernow
Paintball Challenge
Rednall Paintball
Laser Tag Wales
Skirmish Norwich
East Grange Laser Combat
Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire
Skirmish Exeter
Brid Paintball
Lock N Load
Royal Marines
Skirmish Lasham
Kinderton Accident Management
Share Holiday Village
East Anglian Activities
Knockhatch Adventure Park
Battlefield LIVE Pennine
Battlefield LIVE Bedford
Divide and Conquer Combat
N.E Where Productions Ltd
Battlefield LIVE Southport
Trigger Happy Combat
Absolutely Combat
Urban Commando Laser Tag Ltd
Battlefield LIVE Torbay
Extreme Battlefield
Battlefield LIVE Knutsford
Battlefield LIVE The Edge
New Forest Activities
Greenhill YMCA
Battlefield LIVE Dundee
Battlefield LIVE London SW
W5 @ Odyssey
Battlezone Ashford
Baobab Play Company
Mini Moos Adventure Park
Southwest Paintball UCZ
Warzone Lasergames Laser
Combat Ops
Action Combat
Country Wide Special Events
Wrenn Combat
Battlefield Leeds
Action Indoor Sports
Edinburgh Combat
Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC
Kingswood Leisure
Battlefield LIVE Caerphilly
Battlefield LIVE Peterborough
Green Ink Entertainments Ltd
Gary English Nerf Tag
Ruff N Tumble Adventure World ltd (Planet Leisure)
Battlefield Games
Battlefield LIVE Neath
Premier School Sport Coaching Ltd
Dare Combat Live
Kinetic Pursuits
Orkan Adventure
Murton Youth Project
M Ideas and Strategies
Forest Farm School
Royal Marine Commando Recruiting Troop
Park Community School
Serco Leisure Operating Ltd
The Village
ECombat Arena Midlands
Colin Glen Trust
Ultimate Adventure Centre
Shropshire Youth Association
Sherborne School CCF
In2Leisure Ltd

United States of America
Gee Willie Entertainment
Tom's Laser Tag
Battlefield LIVE Utah
Gamerz USA
Mobile Laser Forces
USS Orleck Naval Museum
Battlefield LIVE Orlando
BattlefieldLive Arizona
Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield
SpecOps LIVE Play
First Person Sports
Battlefield LIVE Florida
Hard Knocks
Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag
Team Adventure Lazer Ops
Trigger Combat Sports
DT Mobile Laser Tag
Laser Team Challenge
Mobile Laser Battles
The PARK at North Hills
Battlefield LIVE Kansas City
Grand Sierra Resort
The Strategy Zone
Outdoor Laser Tag, USA
Lifeway Ridgecrest
Battlefield LIVE Ohio
Sky Ranch Cave Springs
Delaware Valley Laser Skirmish
Galaxy Gaming
Battlefield Houston
Oasis Lanes
Sky Ranch Camp - Van
Battlefield LIVE Utah
Ironbridge Sports Park
Tom's Outdoor Laser Tag
Cedar Springs Camp
Albany Battlefield LIVE
Battlefield Massachusetts
Battlefield LIVE Wisconsin
Braun Combat

Outdoor Laser Tag

In the late 1970s and early '80s, the United States Army deployed a system using infrared beams for combat training. The MILES system functions like laser tag in that beams are "fired" into receivers that score hits. Similar systems are now manufactured by several companies and used by various armed forces around the world. The first known toy to use an infrared emitter light and a corresponding sensor was manufactured and marketed in 1979 as the Star Trek Electronic Phaser Guns set. In 1982, George Carter III began the process of designing an arena-based system for playing a scored version of the game. He opened the first Photon center in Dallas, Texas on March 24, 1984. He is widely recognised as being the Inventor and Founder of the laser tag industry". In 1986, the first Photon toys hit the market, nearly simultaneously with the Lazer Tag toys from Worlds of Wonder and several other similar infrared and visible light-based toys. However both companies went out of business around 1989 as the fad of the games wore off. In 1999 DDTR Laser Tag began manufacturing high grade laser tag equipment for use outdoors, tested in the brightest of Australian sunshine. DDTR Laser Tag now manufacture the equipment in use in over 400 venues across the globe. Today there are laser tag arenas all over the world bearing various names and brands, as well as a large variety of consumer equipment for home play and professional grade laser tag equipment for indoor and outdoor arenas. Laser tag is popular with a wide range of ages. When compared to paintball, laser tag is painless because it uses no physical projectiles


Accept no imitations. This is the original high quality laser tag equipment manufactured in Australia since 1999.
It was previously sold through a marketing company called Battlefield Sports who are no longer authorised to sell these products.

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