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How does the ECombat Digital Laser Tag system work?


How does the ECombat system work?

ECombat utilizes a unique multi-layer communication system, with zero set up time simply turn the key and let the fun begin. ECombat is proud of the simplicity of our system:

  • The shooter emits a digital signal as an infra-red beam of light through a solid glass lens towards their opponent or target up to 300m (984ft) distance away. A series of visible light LED's also flash to give the appearance of a muzzle flash. The number of shots in the current magazine as shown on the shooter's LCD display decreases and a gun firing sound effect is played.
  • The target receives this infra-red signal through our sophisticated Optik Sensor receivers and processes the signal. If the signal has the correct Battle and Team information then the target will take one point of damage, flash the hit sensors, and reduce the number of Hit Points shown on the target's LCD Display and playing a hit sound effect.
  • The target will then radio a confirmation back to the Shooter telling the Shooter instantly if they have hit or killed the target. A score appears on the shooter's display and a voice tells the player whether they have hit or killed the target.

The Player's Display

The ECombat Digital Laser Tag system shows players everything they need to know on their display at all times, no scrolling or cycling display required. In the heat of the moment the players can focus in on the four corners of the display to show them all of their mission critical information at a glance.

  • Lives
  • Ammunition in current magazine
  • Reloads Remaining
  • Player Score in Hits / Kills
  • Accuracy - calculated shot by shot
  • Fire Mode
  • Mission Timer

ECombat at work for you:

ECombat Digital Laser Tag offers the operator a huge range of settings and features which combined make the best money making tool in the infra-red combat gaming marketplace. Our job isn't over once you've bought your equipment, we strive to keep you at the top of your game. Any ECombat operator can adapt the gaming system to the specific needs of the venue, the operator and the players. Full explanation of all the settings can be found in the User Guide. Below is just a sample of the settings and features which an ECombat operator benifit from and which significantly enhance the player and owner experience:

ECombat Software Features ECombat Hardware Features ECombat Support Features
  • Number of Hit Points - or Lives the player has before they are knocked out of the game
  • Difficulty Setting - the amount of time between hits taken, default HP and automatic reload feature
  • Number of Reloads - the amount of spare reloads the player has
  • Type of weapon - ECombat have over 70 pre-set weapon configurations from Handguns through to Machineguns
  • Friendly Fire - avoid team mates accidentally shooting one another
  • Four independent battle spaces running side by side with no interference or cross fire.
  • Individuals can be given independent mission timers for arcade style play
  • 15 different languages including a custom slot for local dialect or your own voice!
  • Indoor AND Outdoor play possible with the same equipment simple change of setting to eliminate all infra-red bounce or ricochet indoors
  • Radio commands to all players including Start, Stop, Pause and Resume mission.
  • Remote control of players and settings with Master Controller Referee unit.
  • "Lock Out Mode" to prevent accidental or unnecessary changes to weapon settings by customers OR low level staff.
  • Instant feedback of hits, kills and objective captures to the shooter via radio signal - No need to download scores at the end of the mission.
  • No Central Computer - totally portable, a true stand alone system.
  • Different models with different maximum range in order to encourage teamwork. Ranging from the Scorpion and MP7 (120m) up to the Morita (250m+)
  • Simple turn-key solution - the units store previous settings for super quick set up times.
  • Super Advanced Optik Head Sensors featuring the latest Vishay components.
  • ALL units fitted with a gun sensor in order to prevent cheating or blind fire.
  • Integrated and built in head sensors preventing player removal during missions.
  • Robust Aluminium or polycarbonate plastics used in gaming gun construction
  • Scopes powered by main unit battery, significantly reducing the ongoing cost of ownership.
  • Massive 4000mAh NiMH battery meaning less battery charges less often - up to 48 hours use from a single charge.
  • Waterproof Mylar Speakers to keep working no matter what the environment.
  • 433MHz Commercial Communication Band - used worldwide with no need for any ongoing licence or cost. Ideally suited to short range communication
  • Any spare or redundant units can be used as additonal Radio Repeater units to increase the radio mesh range.
  • Constant innovation and improvement from tech centres in the UK and Australia
  • Updates to digital firmware made available FAST by global playtesters, gathering intel on multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Sales and Service Centres in EU and Australia for fast and convenient repairs - more being set up all the time.
  • Dedicated workshop facilities for warranty, upgrade and summary repairs.
  • Over 20 years continuous experience in the laser tag industry - a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • International knowledge base for start up and experienced operators alike
  • Gaming guns and ancillaries constructed by master craftspeople.
  • Two way development of ideas and equipment, ECombat listens to our customers and players and develop our products to suit operator needs.
  • International networking and conference events geared towards making your business more profitable
  • Full upgrade path generation to generation
  • Full service support for ALL compatible equipment, parts available from the first through to the latest generation.
  • FREE customisable web portal listing for every venue with your own Images, Videos, Social media outlets videos and venue maps.
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Accept no imitations. This is the original high quality laser tag equipment manufactured in Australia since 1999.
It was previously sold through a marketing company called Battlefield Sports who are no longer authorised to sell these products.

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